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How To Mec 600 jr old style: 7 Strategies That Work

Pre 1982 Question. Claybreaker! Discussion starter. So I have an old MEC 600 JR I use to reload 12 gauge. I was wondering where the Wad Height Indicator and the Wad Pressure Indicator are supposed to be showing up for 1 1/8 loads and 1 oz loads. I did find this info once a little while ago and it said the fifth line for height indicator on 1 1/8.600 Jr. 410 Gauge Mark V Single Stage Press by MEC RELOADING With 1/2oz Charge Bar and #10, #11, #12 Bushings The MEC 600 Jr. Mark V is the most popular shotshell reloader. Adjustable for 3" shells. Get a perfect shell every time with a Mark V. Die sets available for all gauges!! Order extra bushings and bars separately Novice and seasoned gunners will appreciate these new features along with ...Detailed Description. MEC Die Set for 600 Jr. Mark V #8452. This is all you need to convert the gauge of your MEC 600JR Mark V reloaders. (For any 600JR made after 1985.) Kit includes: KO Bushing, 8320. Resize Ring, 8465. Deprime Punch. Lock Nut (round)Please consider supporting Ultimate Reloader on Patreon: See di...600 Jr (Pre 1982 & 1982 - 1985) Die Set. Versamec (Pre 1986) Die Set. Sign Me Up. Be the first to find out about new products, events and more! ... Terms Of Use. Website designed and hosted by Foremost Media | Login. Contact MEC Outdoors MEC Outdoors. 800 Horicon Street, Suite 1 Mayville, WI 53050 USA [email protected]. MEC Reloaders. 1-800 ...Jul 17, 2019 · In StockQty: Converts your existing MEC 600 Jr. Old Style reloader to 28 ga. Special Shipping Instructions. Powder and Primers require a Hazardous Material Handling Fee. $17.50 Hazmat Fee for UPS, $17.50 for Fedex (Signature Required) or $17.50 Hazmat Fee for Spee-Dee delivery or $35 UPS Hazmat Fee, you choose carrier at checkout. PTJeff Discussion starter. 21 posts · Joined 2012. #1 · May 21, 2012. Just got 3 600 jr's today from a buddy. I was wondering if anyone knew how to ID their age? MEC customer service was closed by the time i got off work and the website gives 3 groups: pre 82', 82'-85' and 85 to current. pre 82' model # on foil.on page 2. As an example ONLY, IF you wanted 14 grains of Alliant Unique, you would be pointed to bushing numbers 20 or 21 by looking in the table. #20 will drop close to 13.7 grains. #21 will drop close to 14.5 grains. SOMETIMES. From this recommendation by MEC, buy powder bushings 19, 20, 21, and maybe 22.You are considering a New-Old-Stock MEC 600 JR. Mark V 10GA Shotgun Shell Reloading Press. Part No. 844710; this press is for reloading 10-Gauge shells and includes a short kit for 10GA 2-7/8″ shells. Order it today to add to your reloading tool collection. General Description: Type: Single-stage shotshell reloading press.If this is the tube style I think it is, it is a very early style feeder for a MEC 650. Who did you buy it from?? If they had it as a feeder for a 600 jr. you should be able to return it to them because of miss labeling. The only style feeder I know of that works on a 600 jr. is the one in the above post with the instruction sheet link. Steve10292 posts · Joined 2006. #15 · Dec 16, 2012. Precision Reloading also makes a 1/4 inch spacer, that you move with the hull on station 3, 4, and 5, (not required on stations 1, and 2), which makes reloading 2-1/2 inch shells a snap on single stage machines. Cost is $13.Die set for MEC 600 JR OLD STYLE presses only. View more MEC products. Read 2 Reviews - Average Rating: 5 stars. 410 conversion kit By Ronald S. on Oct 25, 2019 .I load 12, 16 and 20 ga. on MEC 600 Jr. Mk5 machines. Probably in excess of 40K shells on the 12 ga. I've never experienced the malfunction you describe. Sounds like it was not properly tightened at the factory. I believe I would try Thread-Lock or some other alternative to drilling/tapping for a #2 screw. Bruce.Open the MEC 600 Jr Mark V loading press. Remove any shells from the machine. Locate the pressure adjustment screw located on the base of the press near the shell plate. Turn the adjustment screw clockwise to increase the wad pressure or counterclockwise to decrease the wad pressure, a quarter to a half turn at a time.This is a 28ga MEC 600 Jr from the mid 70s. That means it is a Pre-85 model... in this thread in this sub-forum in the entire site. Advanced Search Cancel Login / Join. What's New; ... Going to Revive an Old 28ga MEC 600 Jr Press. 3225 Views 22 Replies 9 Participants Last post by phillipd, Sep 2, 2021.The Insider Trading Activity of Old William A. JR on Markets Insider. Indices Commodities Currencies StocksSubmit your own rating by logging in. Replacement spring finger to fit the wad chamber. Fits the following "new style" presses: Mec Steelmaster, 600 Jr. 82-85, 6oo Jr. Mark 5, 650, 76 Series, 8567, 9000G, SizeMaster, Versamec 82-85 and 9000 in 12 and 20 gauge. Fits Mec Jr. 82-85, too Jr. Mark 5, Sizemaster and Versamec 82-85 in the .410 gauge.setting up the MEC 600 JR Old Style.wmv. cdcropper. 691 subscribers. Subscribed. 82K views 12 years ago. Station By Station Set up and adjustment of the MEC 600 JR Old Style...NOTE: A special steel shot charge bar must be used when loading steel shot. Do not use charge bars designed for lead shot when loading steel shot shells. Titan Reloading offers MEC 600 JR. MARK 516GA at $269.02. Buy online or call us at 1-262-397-8819.The Short Kit is used to modify MEC presses so a shorter shell can be reloaded. Fits MEC .410 Gauge 600 Jr, 600 Jr Mark V, Sizemaster and Steelmaster presses. *Includes Riser Plate and (3) Standoff screws. Titan Reloading offers MEC SHORT KIT .410 for sale at lowest price $39.89. Buy online or call us at 1-262-397-8819.I've been researching the possibility of getting into reloading 12 ga on a small scale, and have been looking at MEC 600 Jr. presses. There are descriptions of the …438 posts · Joined 2009. #12 · Jul 14, 2014. I got out my old non-progressive .410 and 28 gauge MEC loaders from storage. Both have a grommet in the opening for each reservoir. I removed one and placed it in the shot reservoir on my Grabber machine. The bar sticks much less than before and works acceptably.MEC Pro Check For Mec 600 Jr Mark 5 & Sizemaster Manufacture # 751E MEC Factory Original Replacement Part. Buy It Now. ... even the old style card wads. I now have one on my 20 gauge and my 16 gauge also. Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: Pre-owned. 5 out of 5 stars. by bobfastner Jun 01, 2020.Moved on to progressive machines such as the Grabber, 9000G and currently do all of my loading on a 9000H. IMO, the best value for the dollar and easiest to operate progressive MEC machine is the Grabber. Much faster than a 600 and darn near as fast as the 9000 series loaders. OldGoat and Iapackfn. Like.Dec 17, 2009 · 3494 posts · Joined 2004. #3 · Dec 17, 2009. I use a folded washcloth...drop 10 primer on the cloth. The cloth acts as a cushion making it easy to grab a primer. Complete a shell, grab a primer, drop it in, grab a hull and take off. The Mec 600 is a very simple machine, I'd keep it that way. MEC 600 Jr Mark V 12 Gauge Reloading Press ,with Charging Bar, Bushing + Extras. Opens in a new window or tab. Pre-Owned. $130.00. fluke345 (540) 100%. or Best Offer +$34.40 shipping. GREAT PRICE Great price compared to similar brand new items. Mec 600 Jr Mark V .410 Bore 3":10/11/12 Bushings & 11/16 oz. Charge Bar.Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for MEC Plastic Wad Guide Spring Fingers Old Style 28 Gauge 453P28 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! ... item 1 MEC Wad Guide Fingers 20 Gauge For MEC 600 Jr & 700 Versamec~453P20 MEC Wad Guide Fingers 20 Gauge For MEC 600 Jr & 700 …The 600 Jr. Mark V is adjustable for 3″ shells. Die sets are available in all gauges. Value and reliability. Look no further than the world's #1 selling shotshell reloader the MEC 600 Jr. Mark V! INCLUDES: 3/4 oz. Charge Bar; Bushings #14, #16 and #21 . SPECIFICATIONS: Press Type: Single Stage; Gauge: 28 GaugeThis kit includes all the necessary spacers, tubes and other parts required to convert your 12 gauge MEC press to load 3-1/2" shells and to use steel shot. Steel shot bar and bushings sold separately. Kit Includes: Eject Bolt. Eject Cam.Nov 11, 2023 ... Here we load some 12 gauge shotgun shells with a MEC 600 Jr. Reload responsibly ... setting up the MEC 600 JR Old Style.wmv. cdcropper•83K views.item 1 MEC 12 Ga. 600 Jr parts resize parts to make Mark V style Versa resize MEC 12 Ga. 600 Jr parts resize parts to make Mark V style Versa resize. $17.50 +$5.50 shipping. item 2 MEC Shotshell Reloading, 12 Gauge Die Set, 600 Jr. ... $79.95. Last one +$9.00 shipping. item 3 mec 600 jr 12ga base assembly reloader shotshell 600jr 12 ga mec 600 ...Mec 600 Jr 20 Gauge Die Set With Charge Bar And Instruction Guide. Opens in a new window or tab. Pre-Owned. $87.00. nik-bit (804) 100%. 12 bids · Time left 9h 50m ...Mec 600 jr 28 ga die set- Old Style. Want To Buy . Jump to Latest Follow 487 views 3 replies 2 participants last post by Boxo53 Jan 23, 2020. Boxo53 Discussion starterCleaning Old Mec 600 jr. I pulled out the old Mec 600 a couple of days ago. It had been stored at less than adequate conditions for 15 plus years ( in an old covered garage but no door). The loader had quit a bit of light to medium surface rust. I pulled everything apart and took a wire brush and some light emory cloth to it.Contact MEC Outdoors MEC Outdoors. 800 Horicon Street, Suite 1 Mayville, WI 53050 USA [email protected]. MEC Reloaders. 1-800-797-4632 Press 1 [email protected]. MEC Clay Target Machines. 1-800-797-4632 Press 2 [email protected] final crimp is closed, no swirl and depth of crimp is good. after comparing my reload to a factory AA, it does appear the folds are not as tight as the factory either. Many good posts on similar topic, but don't seem to address the 600Jr. I've adjusted the cam for depth/swirl, and the pin, but still seeing the mushroom on the outer hull.Contact MEC Outdoors MEC Outdoors. 800 Horicon Street, Suite 1 Mayville, WI 53050 USA [email protected]. MEC Reloaders. 1-800-797-4632 Press 1 [email protected]. MEC Clay Target Machines. 1-800-797-4632 Press 2 [email protected] 26, 2016 ... ... MEC's site but couldn't, so I have no idea just how old this machine is! I think what happened is they mixed different era pieces,the cam on ...Saint Hovhannes Church. This newly built church is located in Town Abovyan, just 20 km away from Yerevan. The church is huge and located on a... 2. Saint Stepanos Church. 3. Urartian fortress of Aramus. 4. Abovyan City Stadium.164 posts · Joined 2013. #1 · Oct 16, 2013. Ideas on how to improve your MEC JR 600. 1. Buy extra short bottles, one for each size of shot you plan on using. Get extra lids and cap plugs as well. I prefer the shorter bottles. One bottle for powder is enough, as powder should be returned to it's OEM container after every reloading session for ... swmp9jrm Discussion starter. 122 posts · Joinquestion on adjusting crimp depth on MEC 600 jr. I'm having tr 4170 posts · Joined 2008. #11 · Jul 31, 2020. The 700 and Versamec are the same loader. But they updated the knockout bushing and changed the resizing tube from inside threads to outside threads and part #51 bracket is different. But it is not hard to change from one style to another. pinfireman.Buy MEC Plastic WAD Guide Spring Fingers Old Style 28 453P28 on FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders ... MEC 600 Jr Mark V 12 Gauge Press. ... MEC Plastic WAD Guide Spring Fingers Old Style 28 453P28. Share: Found a lower price? Let us know. Although we can't match every price reported, we'll use your feedback to ensure that our prices ... Apr 6, 2024 · Turkinator. 13838 posts · Joined 2015. #5 · Apr 7 I have thousands of once-fired old-style AA .410 hulls and some of them refuse to accept even a Winchester primer easily. The progressive MEC 650 is an entirely different press than the single-stage 600 Jr. and I see no way one could successfully do any shimming in the primer cup of a 600 Jr.MEC Outdoors When decapping .410 Winchester CF hulls with my very, very old ...

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The MEC 600 Jr. is no exception. The 600 Jr. offers the con- venience of simple, single-stage operation at an affordable price. Th...


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MEC 600 JR DIE SET 410ga 2.5" OLD MODEL. Item #: MEC8335410. Price: $137.99. Shipping: One f...


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MEC Old style Grabber, parts interchangeability question. I have a good deal for an old-style ME...


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Fits the following "old style" presses: Mec 600 Jr. Pre 82, 700 Versamec Pre 82 in 12, 20...


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Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for MEC 600 jr 12 gauge Conversion Die Set/Kit (Old Style) at the...

Want to understand the I just bought a pre-82 MEC 600JR 12ga press for $25 (from Goodwill no less). ... I too have a pre 82 600 ?
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